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No more boring zoom calls or coffee vouchers.. it's time to spice things up!

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Whether you want the full virtual masterclass experience or just want to send your team a gift, we offer something for everyone. 

Choose Cocktails

With a wide range of delicious cocktails, this is the hardest part. Either go for a group consensus, or ask individuals what they'd prefer.

Receive & Enjoy

Included in the cost, we send a box to each member of your team. Relax, we've got this; All you need is ice.


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Our online Masterclasses are perfect for virtual teams. Hosted by our expert mixologists, we've designed engaging, informative and downright smile-inducing sessions that are tailored to your culture.

We send out cocktail kits to each participants address. Inside each kit is all of the ingredients, garnishes and a shaker. The only thing you need to remember is ice! 

Want to give your team the best virtual experience possible? Download our corporate pack for more info.

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Looking for something extra to add into your online events or as a reward for your teams good work?

Our Pre-Crafted range is the ideal solution. Each pouch is hand-made by our expert mixologists and contain only fresh ingredients and no preservatives. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you turn around a corporate order?

We need one weeks notice to ensure that we are able to create the packages and deliver on time.

Is delivery included?

Yes, absolutely. Please find our pricing in our downloadable deck or email us at

Do you do non-alcoholic drinks?

Of course! We have a range of alcohol-free cocktails (which are just as delicious). Please download our Corporate Pack for more details.

How long is a masterclass?

We tailor each Masterclass to you and your requirements. Typically a masterclass with 3 cocktails will last an hour, however we can do less or more depending on what you're after.

How many people can you do a masterclass for?

Any team size! Where it's 5 or 500+ we tailor each masterclass to the group. 


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