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The ultimate guide to the top 10 cocktails with Mixtons – cocktails delivered to your door.

In this list, we not only give you the rundown on the classics, but also explain how our mixology masters have revolutionised them with new flavours - creating cocktails you won’t find in a bar and are delivered to your door.

Did you ever wonder how anyone actually had the idea to shake up vodka with coffee and ice (Warning – the story does contain the phrase ‘Wake me up, then f*ck me up’)? Well, wonder no longer -we have created the ultimate guide to the top 10 cocktails of all time, how they came to be and how we’re leading the cocktail revolution by bringing you the best of the modern cocktails and revamping the classics.

Top 10 cocktails #10: Mojito 

Top 10 Cocktails - Mojito - Mixtons

With many conflicting origin stories, it is hard to say exactly the where and when of the birth of the Mojito. It is said to have originated from a medicinal drink used on the island of Cuba this cocktail with rum became one of the most popular cocktails globally. It is made by muddling limes, rum and sugar then adding fresh mint leaves and topping with soda water. 

We’ve freshened up the Mojito by bringing it across the Atlantic to good old England. In our Secret Garden, rum is substituted for gin and elderflower is added for a quintessentially British country garden vibe. Think - drink in hand in the heat of the sun at Wimbledon. Try it now - find the Secret Garden here.

Top 10 cocktails #9: Dry Martini 

Said to have originated as a variation of the Martinez, the Dry Martini was first documented in Harry Johnson’s Bartender Manual published in 1888. Similarly to most cocktails, the recipe has morphed and developed over the years. As it stands today it is made with gin or vodka and one barspoon of dry vermouth then garnished with either olives or lemon vest. You might be familiar with the Dry Martini from the famous line: ‘Shaken not stirred’ from the James Bond series. So, should a dry martini be shaken or stirred? We would disagree with Mr Bond and have ours stirred so as not to dilute the spirit (we believe dry martinis must be made with the highest quality of vodka or gin).

Top 10 cocktails #8: Bramble 

The Bramble was created at the private members club ‘Fred’s Club’ in Soho by Dick Bradsell. Dick wanted to create a British cocktail. Inspired by his childhood memories of blackberry picking in the Isle of Wight, Dick added Crème de mure – a blackberry liqueur. Alongside this is lemon juice, gin and sugar syrup.

If you’re also a berry lover - we’ve got you covered, Candy Pants which begins with the basic bramble recipe, is even fruitier and more refreshing. Strawberries add sweetness which contrasts to the subtle dryness of  Cranberries for the perfect balance. Bursting with berries, this is not one to miss. Get your Candy Pants here. 

Top 10 cocktails #7: Black Russian 

Attributed to the Belgian bartender Gustave Tops, this cocktail with coffee as the predominant flavour is not, in fact, Russian, but instead was first drank in the Metropole hotel in Brussels. The only Russian thing about this cocktail is that it is made with vodka, to which Kahlua (coffee liqueur) is added. Add to this milk or cream, and you have a White Russian. 

Top 10 cocktails #6: Lychee Martini 

This sweet and exotic cocktail is said to have been invented in the early hours of the morning by Han-jae Park - the bartender at Clay, a Korean restaurant in New York. He made it for local bartenders who came in after finishing their shifts. It includes vodka, lychee liqueur, lychee juice and lemon.

Our Cupid’s Revenge found its origins in the Lychee Martini – a humble beginning we would suggest – in comparison to the perfect balance between sweetness and the zesty tang that pink grapefruit brings. We wanted to add pink grapefruit to a cocktail for years and with a lot of experimentation, trials and tribulations - Cupid’s Revenge was born. The addition of hibiscus actually came about by accident in one of these experiments, but it turned out to be exactly what this succulent cocktail needed. Join Cupid in his revenge now.

Top 10 cocktails #5: Whiskey Sour 

This cocktail with egg white - part of the sours family - gets its foamy appearance from the addition of egg. The original recipe wouldn’t have included egg as it was first drunk by sailors on long sea journeys. Spirits were used as water sources were not dependable, citrus fruits were consumed to combat scurvy and sugar was added to improve the flavour - creating the basis of the sour. In today’s Whiskey Sour recipe, you can find Bourbon, lemon juice, sugar syrup and angostura bitters. 

Top 10 cocktails #4: Negroni 

The Negroni was created in Florence, Italy in the 1920s, when a customer at the Casoni bar asked for gin in his ‘Americano’ (sweet vermouth, Campari and soda water). Now a Negroni is usually served without soda but can be added to make a longer, less strong drink.  

A classic Negroni could be considered a rather acquired taste as the overall flavour of it is quite bitter. In our Summer Negroni we’ve upgraded this with our sweet friend the pear – giving the Negroni a fruity upgrade.  Think – summer evenings in Tuscany, sipping in the sunset. Try our Summer Negroni here. 

Top 10 cocktails #3: Margarita

Margarita – what we know as a cocktail made with tequila - is actually the Spanish word for ‘daisy’. The term ‘daisy’ was given to drinks that were made with citrus juice, syrup or liqueur for sweetness and fortified with a base spirit. Although the ‘Tequila Daisy’ was first drunk in Caliente, Mexico, another drink called the Picador – with the exact recipe of the Margarita was documented in Britain about 16 years before. The mighty Margarita is composed of tequila, lime juice, triple sec and optional sugar syrup and is usually garnished with a salt rim. 

Our take on the Margarita goes by the name of Spicy Melons. Forget what you knew about the sharpness of a margarita as we add watermelon for an irresistible sweetness. The addition of Jalapeño heaves the Margarita out of the past with a spicy twist. Think partying in a yacht in Mexico – ready for the fiesta? Try it here.

Top 10 cocktails #2: Espresso Martini

The story of this genius invention – a cocktail with coffee - is an interesting one. Dick Bradsell made this drink when he was asked by a customer (said to be either a young lady or famous model) for something that would ‘Wake me up, and then f*ck me up’, and we’d have to say - he definitely delivered on that! Badsell explained about the invention of the drink: "The coffee machine at the Soho Brasseries was right next to the station where I served drinks. It was a nightmare, as there were coffee grounds everywhere, so coffee was very much on my mind. And it was all about vodka back then – it was all people were drinking." The cocktail is made with coffee, coffee liqueur, sugar syrup and vodka. 

This drink certainly lives up to its glamourous origin story that’s why we were sure to include it on our menu. Our unique and original recipe – tried and tested over seven years is indeed sure to wake you up then f*ck you up! Click here to give it a try – we dare you.

Top 10 cocktails #1: Porn Star Martini

This modern classic, reportedly currently the most ordered cocktail in the UK, was created in 2002 by Douglas Ankah who explained the name in an interview with The Buyer: “I called it the Porn Star Martini because I thought it was something that a porn star would drink. It’s pure indulgence, sexy, fun and evocative”. The Porn Star Martini is made with vodka, passion fruit puree, passion fruit liqueur and vanilla syrup.

We want to provide nothing less than ‘pure indulgence’ so it would be cruel of us to deny you the chance to try our exclusive take on the Porn Star. Again, developed over seven years by our in-house master mixologists – this bad boy is not to be missed. Click here to get our Pornstar Martini delivered to your door.

So, now you know your way around the top 10 classic cocktails, I’m sure you can see we mean it when we say ours are cocktails you won’t find in a bar. The origin stories of cocktails, although often convoluted, are fun. We hope you have enjoyed reading about them. Head here to build your cocktail box now.

Let us know what you thought about these stories or what you’d like to read about next!


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